The Deadly Physics of GUM Ninjas! | The SCIENCE of.. Ninjala
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At some point in your life you've probably wanted to be a ninja, right? You wanted to be able to do all the cool stunts and have the amazing skills we see in movies. Well, what if there was a GUM that could help you have those skills? That's what happens in the world of Ninjala and I want to know how it WORKS! Today, Austin is going to answer that question and more!
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    Rabbles the Binx Productions

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    The only way it be deadly is if you swallowed some by Willy Wonka

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    Amoor Smith

    My Teacher: SO what did you Write for your Science Project Jackson? Me: Do not eat C4. My Teacher: B-

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    I rather Matt pat I cannot watch game theory with this guy no offence

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    Neon F

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    Juan Ignacio López Tellechea

    The sience! Is the only show were I like the sponsors because i laugh 100000000000000 times more for thos dumb game companies.

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    Liam da Lemon!

    No wonder Spinjitzu is almost insta kill! Well if there is any saving grace it's that at least the victim lands in gum instead of being more violently slammed against a wall!

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    I'm sorry, but its just a lot worse when Matpat isn't doing the stuff..

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    Bamsey the talker

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    Daniel dasilva

    Saw the "G" as a "C" a moment there in the title

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    Treasure Plays

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    Treasure Plays

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    I loved the rocketeer fantastic jet pack movie


    Why are you going so deep into this it’s just a damn game

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    There is no science to a game where you have to pay for the story chapters

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    Joshua Grafmüller

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    The four Es

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    Catherine Anderson

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    Why can't we just play a game as a game and not as science project?

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    Let me tell you something, it's a video game... It's not real.

  • WolfeGaming

    Ok so at 15:10 Austin uses the Pythagorean Theorem, but it looks wrong to me. He says the Dummy went left 4 squares and forward 19, then claims the result is 16. But that shouldn't be possible, I think he swapped the hypotenuse with an edge. The right angle is between the 4 edge and the 19 edge, so the actual formula should be 4^2 + 19^2 = x^2, 16+361=x^2, 377=x^2, x= 19.4165. Basically, he solved for an edge as if the hypotenuse was 19, when in reality he should have solved for the hypotenuse using 4 and 19 as the edges. I don't know if that changes the rest of the math much, but while we're being pedantic about video games and math I figured why not be pedantic about the pedantic math.

  • lapis Wxlf
    lapis Wxlf

    Essentially the gum tornado is an instant social distancing ray

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    Zuka Sama

    The mad scientist is back. XD

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    A Person

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    Tamir Lapidus

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    Cameron Taylor

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    Ace Of Arrows

    What I Came For: Whether the gum can do what it does in Ninjala. What I Got: "They changed the New York subway signs in 1970 and also DO NOT EAT C4!"

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    Jack • 50 years later

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    Corn Flakes

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    Corn Flakes

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    Adam Wesołowski

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    Sudden Changes

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    sonic ballistics

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    bit_mate ֫

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    Joseph Rivera

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    • Joseph Rivera
      Joseph Rivera

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    Lopms click me •69 years ago Boi tap about

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