Game Theory: Logan Paul's FIXED Fight (Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather)
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Theorists, it looks like IRbin boxing matches are here to stay - at least if you are a Paul brother. Logan Paul is gearing up to fight ACTUAL professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in a match. Well, we think so - with how it keeps getting postponed, who knows if we will get to see it. Never mind that. The REAL interesting thing about this match is that Logan Paul CAN'T lose. Oh, I am not saying that in a battle of skills he would win, I'm saying that he's orchestrated this whole event to FIX a win. Why would Mayweather let that happen? Theorists, it's time to enter the ring.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Edwin Labja
    Edwin Labja

    lol you said floyd mayweather is smart... lol

  • PiethagorasTearem

    I may be giving Logan Paul too much credit, but anything can happen in a fight. Mayweather is still a man, if he isn't careful, an untrained drunkard could knock him out. And before anyone asks, no I don't think Paul will win.

  • Angel Romero Acevedo
    Angel Romero Acevedo

    im i the only one that is confused as to why Mat pat is covering this on Game Theory lmao don't get me wrong i love the sport and got exited when i saw the video Pop up in my recommended but wha?

  • Shanna Shenna
    Shanna Shenna

    The fuzzy run luckily rub because turnover subjectively live outside a handy sousaphone. parched, plant stomach

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star

    Okay, okay... WAIT. I have Logan Paul Merch?! I got a hoodie with his logo on it and thought it was just a cool parrot symbol, ya never wearing that again.


    One like and MatPat will hit one punch on markaplier

  • Sam Dover
    Sam Dover

    When I clicked on this video, I was worried Matt Pat was going to suck up to him cause he is a super well known personality with a rabbid fanbase, then I remembered that I have nothing to worry about

  • Basically Cancerous
    Basically Cancerous

    I’m sorry mat pat but you don’t know a thing about boxing stick to the movies , your evaluation did not consider any boxing teqnique whatsoever , your literally just going off of how they would place betting odds based off of physique and how Logan faired agains someone who isn’t even qualified to professionals box

  • Im Benny
    Im Benny

    You forgot option 3 for the result of the fight. The fight isn't happening.

  • karla hourihan
    karla hourihan

    Why is this video on GAME theory?

  • IIIll IIIll
    IIIll IIIll


  • Kzar__

    Ok Matpat, you've done your controversial publicity stunt. Let's get back to real games lol . Love the videos. Keep 'em coming.

  • Rahul Satish
    Rahul Satish

    Damn matpat really ain't pulling any punches

  • Plazmatic


  • XnRz_

    Man if the best of the best couldn’t take Mayweather. Surely an novice boxer won’t be able to do a single thing. Look what happened mcgregor. Seriously just a money bag run for Mayweather, easy money.

  • Jeffery de Boer
    Jeffery de Boer

    Smart boxing

  • TayloredArt 01
    TayloredArt 01

    That's what happened with the Oscar DeLa Hoya fight, actually. Floyd went easy on Oscar to ensure a rematch, but then the cross-dressing scandal hit and Oscar was out of boxing.

  • about37ninjas

    "Floyd Mayweather is a misogynist and wife beater, so he's a villain" So are most of the people you idolize, they just either hide their villainy better or you willfully ignore it.

  • SupaSayinSkitch

    0:40 sooo murder is legal now, or is this fight just hypothetical??

  • Faaz does stuff
    Faaz does stuff


  • Juan C Trujillo
    Juan C Trujillo

    Chavez went 90 fights without a loss sooooo

  • Joshua Mason's Eight-Bit Bastards
    Joshua Mason's Eight-Bit Bastards

    hadn't heard of this logan guy til two days ago. true fact... google 'douche youtuber' and his is the first image to show up

  • Wrld

    The height and weight advantage is massive but Ive seen logan training he is absolute dogshit throws arm punches puts doesn't rotate the body so there's no weight behind them at all and his technique is horrid 😂 this is a joke for boxing

  • Tien

    Basically a WWE match without the narrative and with a more deluded audience.

  • Ben Sports
    Ben Sports

    Boxing champion shows UFC belt

  • Click Here
    Click Here

    He’s not going to win. I mean Logan is not going to win


    Don't act like you know boxing works or if it's rigged, you know nothing.

  • Kylee M. Araujo
    Kylee M. Araujo

    Please do a theory about the little nightmares series

  • Joe pauley
    Joe pauley

    Why is this on game theory? Why not make a new channel called drama theory.

  • Brylle Enriquez
    Brylle Enriquez

    How do you lose 15% of your testicles

  • Elijah Armstrong
    Elijah Armstrong

    I think this would’ve made more sense on film theory but that’s just me... Or start a sports theory channel

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    Uhhh how is this related to gaming? This is game theory, right?

  • kris johnston
    kris johnston

    "Logan Paul definitely has one punch knock-out power" > Literally never knocked anybody out in any fashion Umm, okay

    • PJ Boy
      PJ Boy

      Very poor analogy


    POV: Ur Professional Athlete, / Boxer, Matt Pat

  • LCM Films
    LCM Films

    Better analysis: Logan Paul will be destroyed. Size in this case is irrelevant based on the skills of Floyd alone.

    • Angel Romero Acevedo
      Angel Romero Acevedo

      did you not watch the video?

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins

    Floyd won against Connor because ufc is way different than boxing you can’t throw kicks you can’t get them on the ground and the fighting styles are different

  • Jake McCormick
    Jake McCormick

    Shame on u matt Ali listen 1, pepper was rubbed on listens gloves Ali listen 2, IT WAS A CLEAN RIGHT HAND TOO FAST FOR THE 🎥 to fully capture


    does pat know he's using UFC champions except actual WBC championships? 😭

  • Belis Breckenridge
    Belis Breckenridge

    Still a better fight break down than Brendan Schaub Sorry Brendan

  • koushiku

    I do want to see him get beat down by Mayweather

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • Ivy

    i dont like this guy

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • DynoSkrimisher

    Them: Size doesn't matter. Me: a small, thin person can dodge attacks, a fat, big guy can tank bots."

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • Jordan

    Obviously it’s rigged this kid can’t even hold his arms up for three rounds this whole IRbin boxing thing needs to go away just making the real sport a laughing stock

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • William Ballenger
    William Ballenger

    Floyd is the best on the planet because according to this guy he can throw a crisp right hook with his left hand 8:20

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • ffoenix1

    Of course it’s rigged, most things are...and this is another example of white privilege🤪🤪

    • VersionPrototype

      I hope this is a joke.

    • يونس يونس
      يونس يونس🐶😻🐰🐵👍

  • BoundenBead87YT


  • VxNightKevinxV

    Can you do the myth of angel the guy who bought valentines stuff in bloxburg. Why did he bought them Who is he gonna give them to

  • Angiel Rodriguez
    Angiel Rodriguez

    Love your channel my man, super good content. But we all know that this is fix. It’s a really good payday for them. “Professional boxer” then gets destroyed in the streets in a real fight.

  • A Mystery
    A Mystery

    I would pay any amount to see logan get beaten to a pulp

  • Ali sux
    Ali sux

    Logan Paul studying this video

  • PHIZZ_ radiation
    PHIZZ_ radiation

    And why would you call out Conner mcgregor

  • shadowjan36

    Chaves has the record not mayweather

  • cookiebunny11

    To me the way that Logan dodges punches by moving his feet and keeping a relatively low guard feels like a habit from his old wrestling days, I remember seeing lots of wrestlers do the same thing before they’d shoot for the leg or something similar. Disclaimer: I know nothing more than has been explained in short vids in fights like this on this sort of fighting, and I only have limited wresting knowledge absorbed through an older brother who wrestled all through school - this is all just a thought I had while watching the footage here!

  • maro

    floyd is a chump muhammed ali would take em on both

  • gerald mash
    gerald mash

    He explains like you were never on social media

  • Alex C
    Alex C

    "knows his angles" Logan Paul: Right angle and um, uhhh, left angle

    • Alex C
      Alex C

      @Kami the Snom an elbow?

    • Kami the Snom
      Kami the Snom

      even that is too much credit. I doubt he knows what an angle is

  • imkindayeti

    8:18 amazing right hook lol

  • 300 Glo
    300 Glo

    Money moves

  • Arctic Foxie
    Arctic Foxie

    Where is sport theory? I mean, you have posted a lot of sport-related theories, why can't there be sports theory? Maybe book theory is not letting this happen? ( Book theory mention on one of film theory's sonic video's comments by game theory. )

  • Local Critic
    Local Critic

    All sports are a work

  • Yellow Watermelon
    Yellow Watermelon

    I don’t like how you tried to paint Logan as a villain and someone who can only be remembered by one bad event. People can change, and in Logan’s case, he has. If you watch his podcast, you’ll see this: he played a huge role in helping the BLM moment and has talked about many other social issues.

  • sidek simon
    sidek simon

    Could you make a theory about ena? Its from Joel g and I feel like there may be something more to it

  • UK Culture
    UK Culture

    Ofcourse a whiteman calling a black icon a villain 🤦🏾‍♂️ when will it end

    • UK Culture
      UK Culture

      @VersionPrototype no I was stating a fact not making a joke it’s pretty obvious you good there?

    • VersionPrototype

      Please tell me you’re joking when you typed this out.

  • Jason Carto
    Jason Carto

    Mayweather fights are rigged? Are you just coming out from under the rock or what?

  • Chouinard Robert
    Chouinard Robert

    The splendid particle really glue because caption industrially fancy excluding a cuddly dietician. spotty, alert enquiry

  • Fatalis

    Can someone tell me why this is in the Game Theorists?

  • Εvox

    Mike Tyson Cracks both if them

  • Εvox

    So who said Mayweather doesn't know how to dodge? and also he tied with KSI and then lost to him What makes you think he can beat Mayweather...

  • kenneth walsh
    kenneth walsh

    i hate these videos. I wish you tube would stop trying to show me them. even when I block your channel. let it be known that I hate your half assed videos.

  • KillerRoyale -_-
    KillerRoyale -_-

    Come out of the closet

  • F. B. I
    F. B. I

    Either photoshop is really easy or film theory has a lot of time on his hands

  • TheDjcobra2001

    Notice logan paul isn't calling out mike tyson.

  • Andrew burns
    Andrew burns

    51* he beat Connor to make it 51-0

  • Deric Mango
    Deric Mango

    That was a left hook not a right one .

  • Chin Chin
    Chin Chin

    If this is a legit non fixed fight, then Logan Paul's gonna have a bad time.

  • Liam Wilcox
    Liam Wilcox

    logan asks mayweather to fight. mayweather:i ts big brain time

  • Julianto Soead
    Julianto Soead

    i thought this is game theory not sport theory

  • A Few Reliable Artists
    A Few Reliable Artists

    8:39 Why is Norm Macdonald fighting Mayweather again?

  • Clart dem
    Clart dem

    look matpat ,oyu probaly doesnt know alot about boxing,mayweather has a teqnuique which backed by physics allows him to get in close and hit his opponent with also keeping his distance just wanna let u know,sfe

  • Clart dem
    Clart dem

    btw mat pat,the floyd mayweather domesric abuse case was just a case therefore it was dropped because no actual evidence was found and same with the misyogyny rumors as back in his day what was consiered misyogynistic jokes ,were just normal jokes you cant hold him to the same standards today and in all these cases ,there is a constant ,money ,money which floyd mayweather would have to pay an dplus many cASES like this have been made since floyd has a lot of women ,so the easiest way for those women to get payed it to fake cases agaisnt him , just want to give you insight ,sfe matpat.

  • C13l0 S
    C13l0 S

    Please do a little nightmares Theory ☹️💯

  • Mr. Laos
    Mr. Laos

    Logan needs to watch this 💀💀

  • theawesome48fan hunter
    theawesome48fan hunter

    Logan Paul vrs navy seal

  • QAOSbringer

    I am happy you are not doing FNAF and finally making some real Game Theories.

  • Derek arsenault
    Derek arsenault

    lol reach advantage what a joke

  • D d
    D d

    that kid paul , whould get his silly arse kicked in any bar ,

  • Guy Who Sells Vapes
    Guy Who Sells Vapes

    Floyd's first knockdown was when he took a knee after his fist broke mid fight. The questionable knockdown was when he lost his balance with Zab Judah.

  • EclecticNostalgia

    Isn't it "chomping at the bit"?

  • manuel hernandez
    manuel hernandez

    This theory is the plot of “ I care a lot”

  • drazerosdoom

    Great video BUT:dont you think this will help Logan im some possible or unpossible way? PLEASE THINK??

  • Bird Minecraft
    Bird Minecraft

    he's mad he didn't have a controversy last year so he decided to step up his game

  • Just some guy who Comments random stuff
    Just some guy who Comments random stuff

    Thought it was called Game Theory not fight theory.

  • Pedro Ramirez
    Pedro Ramirez


  • Dan Max
    Dan Max

    yuh yuh ♌️

  • Sauce999

    Aye at least Logan ain’t fighting bums like Jake.😂

  • Dangerous_ Shadow
    Dangerous_ Shadow

    “ if logan knows his angles” honestly idk if either of the paul brothers know basic math

    • General Calvi
      General Calvi


  • king battle
    king battle

    i hope this doesnt happen

  • Elias Patino
    Elias Patino

    He should make an video of “How to Beat Floyd Mayweather” Just a video idea

  • hey sis
    hey sis

    Logan is so weak its SAD

  • Randy Jones
    Randy Jones

    I honestly thought about them rigging the fight as soon as they announced this fight