Game Theory: Is A Shield Your BEST Weapon? (Assassin's Creed Valhalla)
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I am super excited for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This brand new world looks AMAZING! Plus, the footage shows so many cool weapons and abilities. In fact, one that caught my eye is the dual wielding. You are able to dual wield a wide variety of weapons. So many in fact, that I want to know what the STRONGEST way to fight would be. What do you use? Theorists, pick up your weapons of choice and get ready for a battle to the best combo!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Heriberto Lopez
    Heriberto Lopez

    8:59 is it just me or did you immediately think of the shields captain america uses in infinity war

  • Oliver Layman
    Oliver Layman

    mat pat: dual-wielding is not efficient because you can only use one arm at a time me: *spin to win* *spin to win* *spin to win*

  • Filip Davitov
    Filip Davitov

    im danish vikings go brrrrrr

  • Robin De Wolf
    Robin De Wolf

    dual-wielding is used as a matter of balance, you can swing a weapon one way, and balance it out with another, even while potentially hitting other enemies around you. Take for example nunchucks.

  • Pedrosaurus Mex
    Pedrosaurus Mex

    Shay Cormac used what looked like a Shilelah with his sword.

  • Murky Seb
    Murky Seb

    Did you do any research before making this or was this just speculation? There is a significant amount of incorrect information in this video

  • Maodifi


  • Warp


  • Riley Barcikowski
    Riley Barcikowski

    When I play this game it gets my ps5 remote controls wet and sweaty cause I’m in all these battles thinking I might get defeated GROSS

  • tiffosi_yank

    The real theory ubisoft cares about is if they can make half the armor locked behind paywalls

  • B Dubz
    B Dubz

    I just played gorn vr and using two Shields is not good

  • Abstract

    omg imagine a japanese assassin creed game that would be sick

  • ShadowNGPF

    YUBIsoft :3!

  • Ricky F
    Ricky F

    Tate no yuusha

  • JK Kraetona
    JK Kraetona

    I don't know why I watched this a second time. It hurts. Please consult experts when you do this sort of thing!

  • DestinedHero172

    ubisoft is milking the fact that matpat likes history

    • steven the viking
      steven the viking

      @DestinedHero172 he couldn't even research one easy topic

    • DestinedHero172

      @steven the viking well he likes everything they are putting to the table

    • steven the viking
      steven the viking

      He doesn't like history

  • J wal
    J wal

    The "hooked swords" are known as the Shuang Gao Pronounced: Shoe-ang g-ow

  • DMG Potato
    DMG Potato

    The romans made an arrow specifically for decapitating birds

  • Nathan, a Hedgehog
    Nathan, a Hedgehog

    Makes me think about dual wielding lightsabers and their effectiveness, or even just 1 saber which supposedly is lighter than swords because plasma. Think we need a deeper look on the science of the lightsaber’s plasma blade and how it’s different than vibroblades or normal swords

  • SnickerNicker

    Reminds me or vinland saga


    Mattpatt: if you wanna fight you must be good with defence and offence. *avor with two shields used for attacking. Mattpatt: "you weren't supposed to do that!!"

  • Yozora Oto
    Yozora Oto

    The hooked sword is a Keyblade in disguise. XD

  • Mike b
    Mike b

    Why cant you take criticism when you get corrected after presenting obviously wrong information? Stop being a child..

  • Dummy Gamer
    Dummy Gamer

    Ho man! I love your content from dbz (filmtheoey) till here, but here you try searching on a branch of martial art form called urumi. Check it out, it will make u rethink. (Kalaripayattu - a part of it.)

  • Alex Bleyker
    Alex Bleyker

    A 50cal won’t blow a head off. How would a big arrow?

  • amgK v2.0
    amgK v2.0

    I’ve actually used a shield before and they make for extremely strong weapons. The smaller the shield, the better for mobility. If a shield is strong enough, you can counter blows from swords, spears, or any other blunt force or sharp weapon, to then throw punches or hits with the extremely hard nub that’s usually made of metal or another hard material. Even better if it has a spike. I would chose duel wielding two butler shields instead of taking a sword

  • Itachi The legend
    Itachi The legend

    Just cuz you can duel wield doesn’t mean you should Edward kenway:I beg to differ lad

  • Alexander Holmgren
    Alexander Holmgren

    One: Everytime I hear a english speaker say Valhalla I crinch. Two the nordic countis do not a prove of the voice acter for one reason and one reason only, he i s danish (this is a joke! If you know you know.)

  • xKing DEUS
    xKing DEUS

    I love the voice actor, very well done and talented. I dont usually listen to the dialogue if I can skip it but i dont with this guy


    who else read the whole sub titles on 5:14

  • Nolan Mcc
    Nolan Mcc

    heh, nice avatar reference

  • Kokichi Oma
    Kokichi Oma

    I love your ac videos

  • Angela Gave
    Angela Gave

    What if captian American dual wielded his circle and his first shield

  • Leighann Davenport
    Leighann Davenport

    why did they not put the sharp spikes on shelds like the metal parts of daggers

  • Leo A
    Leo A

    9:00 "What if you didn't have a sword, but a SWORD AND SHIELD combo?" *Heavy Jocrap noises from afar*

  • Knight's Templar.
    Knight's Templar.

    Block, Block, overhead bonk.

  • Randomtexan Gaming
    Randomtexan Gaming


  • Brendan Farkas
    Brendan Farkas


  • Alex Jeon
    Alex Jeon

    Captain America be like: 0_0

  • Ibrahim_playz

    In the game eivor’s voice is *MORE* lighter

  • Dooku Dares
    Dooku Dares

    Gauntlet Shields are the answer you get a small shield and you can still hold something although you'd lose dexterity so no precision weapons.

  • L3 K0
    L3 K0

    Can't wait for the fusion of far cry primal and assassins creed sticks and stone: the stone age

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson

    10:27 That battle is as tightly packed as the information in this theory is accurate. That is to say; it isn't.

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson

    You know how every theory usually begins with a gag? 0:00 - 0:09 is the funniest joke of them all.


    Rising Of The Shield Hero S2 looks nice

  • Creedgamer 223
    Creedgamer 223

    Dual shields on paper: eh Dual shields in game: somehow fairly decent.(briton/Morgan's guard combo at least).

    • Matthew Wilson
      Matthew Wilson

      Dual shields in real life according to Skallagrim and the HEMA community: *"So you have chosen... Death."*

  • HazmatFireHero

    I’ve been playing the game for about 3 weeks and I’ve pretty much only used duel wielding axes and it works really well. The shield doesn’t do a lot because of the dodging mechanisms

  • FerretsForever94

    TBH, looking at the comment section is honestly more entertaining than the video. Like, MatPat should've probably definitely consulted some more experts on the subject, but so many people need to learn how to chill the frick out.

  • Jump Ryu
    Jump Ryu

    No one told me this is sheild hero

  • The Diamond Gamer
    The Diamond Gamer

    0:00 what is this song I love it

  • Michel Christian Solbreux
    Michel Christian Solbreux

    what's the bipping at 7:54

    • Matthew Wilson
      Matthew Wilson

      I think it's the background music.

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim

    Is no one going to talk about the Shogun being in this video!?

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson


  • Chris Jr
    Chris Jr

    5:54 *Nuxia flashbacks*

  • WeirdFlex

    Dude wants Kratos to hop over here for voice lines 😂

  • Conor V
    Conor V

    I also didn't realize you were going to talk about the hook on the axes after the hook sword so good job covering that. All though seriously go check out the definition of vikinger.

    • Matthew Wilson
      Matthew Wilson

      If matpat thinks that the most effective part of an axe is the hook on the end, i'd love to see him try to chop wood.

  • Conor V
    Conor V

    To a certain extent Viking hatchets were used similarly to the hook sword which is why the "main attaching axe" has a hook on it. Theoretically a vikinger would use the hooked axe or hatchet to hook onto an enemy, pull him in, then bash him with the other axe. (and yes the word Vikinger is historically correct, it basically means one who raids.)

    • Barethor

      A viking axe should by no mean be called a hatchet, either historically or in the modern context. And it would be vikingr, without an e. As for the beard of the axe, it is more used to hook and control shields and other weapons the opponent is using. If you can hook the person themself then you might as well just strike them with the blade of the axe.

  • Freelance

    False information 🤣

  • Nazeem

    I love the Skyrim joke at 12:04

  • Douglas Buffarm
    Douglas Buffarm


  • Douglas Buffarm
    Douglas Buffarm

    You should predict the plot of tes 6

  • DirtBike Madness
    DirtBike Madness

    Remember the hookblade has two parts the hook and the blade

  • Stephen

    Just a thought. The game footage shows that forms an arrow with the edges of the shields when he rushes forward.

  • hman0987

    Do a yume nikki theory

  • Three small people In a big trench coat
    Three small people In a big trench coat

    I liked his voice reminds me of Ragnar from the Vikings show

  • NeoIsrafil

    Dunno man, I feel like a viking isn't likely to have an Italian lantern shield. They were pretty late period... edit:and you mentioned it. Lol In my experience dual wielding beats shield and sword or single sword unless using a shield wall. In the game it doesn't appear that the hero walls up. DW is great for attacking flanks or single targets. A bearded axe is amazing for hooking swords or hooking and pulling a shield down to expose the opponent or throw them off stance. Dual wielding axes is pretty damn deadly, ive won tournaments with it. I prefer 2 swords, one a gauche, but when I've gotta fight armored those aren't allowed so I prefer to hook, trap, and kill. 2 shields could be effective if they were spiked or bladed, there are a few historical examples of this.

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der Linde

    Ok five things evior is definitely not the strongest "Assassin", evior is technically not a Assassin, he made a vid about a game that is fictional that he got from a trailer, Templars didn't exist then and did he literally forget about rivers

  • Eleanor Garrett
    Eleanor Garrett

    The cagey crawdad physically correct because gladiolus additionally ruin below a magnificent gearshift. simplistic, lumpy mile

  • Hodd Toward
    Hodd Toward

    But what about daggers

  • hender Lugo
    hender Lugo

    you watch cory?

  • Bla gaming
    Bla gaming

    Maybe mat pat should leave these theories to the medieval community.

  • XPrincessXBreyennaX

    Nearly headless, how can you be nearly headless?

  • Colin

    Can you duel wield pencils?

  • myran999

    Im from Sweden

  • tacky dock
    tacky dock

    You should just stay away from medieval videos

  • Catnium

    bigger heaver axe weapon would be the offensive axe you melee noob bigger so it has longer reach and in melee combat reach is everything and heavier so it hits harder

  • Gopnik Fett
    Gopnik Fett

    And then Eivor goes and duel wields broadswords

  • Indoor anime Watcher
    Indoor anime Watcher

    When I saw this video again and saw the hook sword It reminded me of the hook blade from ac revelations

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer

    I AM COMING AS A FNAF REPRESENTATIVE: Hello Matpat, I had just finished reading the book Blackbird and I thought of something. In the first story, Nole and Sam create a fake animatronic that comes and tries to kill Nole after Sam goes missing. He is haunted until he is forced to confront he victim form Jr. High and apologize for his bullying. Going back to the Blackbird, they made a suit for it and it seems to come to life. Now this could just be a mere coincidence that Nole experiences trauma but this is FNAF so I’m not so sure about that. But regarding the suits life, it came to life after Sam and Nole Discuss Nole’s bullying. So maybe the suit came to life via the agony caused by the bully victim, Christine. And once he makes amends to her, the agony is gone. Nothing is left to fuel the bird. So my point is, maybe agony doesn’t have to be injected directly. Maybe all it takes is an inanimate object related to a strong felling of agony. After all, Sam was sort of bulled by Nole and after that, the suit that Sam made supposedly comes to life, reawakening the agony from Christine. This agony goes to form Blackbird and stays inside it until amends is made. Now I draw your attention to Psychic Freind Fredbear. He may be fulled not by a sole but by agony. He is fueled with the agony do The Crying Child’s greif and sadness. And the reason the doll is in William’s office is because William will soon use it for it’s agony or because it’s a momentum of his child. Thank you for coming to my TedTalk

  • adedyoable

    Matpat: shields aren't good offensive tools Ancient Greek spartans: are you questioning us

  • Euro Joel
    Euro Joel

    The voice of the Viking and eivor is soooooooooooooooooo good just my opinion ok

  • True Gamer
    True Gamer

    5:52 That avatar reference tho

  • Anthony Arsenic
    Anthony Arsenic

    When he said that he was going to look at historical English methods for stopping unstoppable vikings I thought he was going to mention the battle of Stamford bridge. We English had very interesting ways of dealing with vikings.

    • Derek Forrester
      Derek Forrester

      You really did

  • Stavros Georgiou
    Stavros Georgiou

    What's the name of the outro song it sounds awesome

  • Crude Dude
    Crude Dude

    Why did I expect Skallagrim?

  • Nautilus Studios
    Nautilus Studios

    Fun fact, the name "Eivor" is not actually a viking-name but a Swedish girl-name that originated in the 18-hundreds.

  • Mark Bridges
    Mark Bridges

    You might want to double check your research mat you seem to be in the wrong with this one

  • Jonathan Keasler
    Jonathan Keasler

    Hated this video and I hate you Matt.

    • Saint Ariser
      Saint Ariser

      Then why are you commenting lol

  • Grayson Gussey
    Grayson Gussey

    dude double shield is op

  • K.O.G.Fanstarks1610

    Could you do a video on The True overarching antagonist of Astonishia Story?

  • Caden Gilles
    Caden Gilles

    I use the weird devil set and the poison shield so I put both shields in my hands and it's op block, the shield charge, and everything about it.

  • Vimorain

    a lot of misinformation and outright false statements .


    dude just don't talk about history. it's terrible. i hated history in school and i'm baffled that i know more history than you. this isn't meant as an attack on you; but it's best to not talk about something you know next to nothing about. it's unhealthy when you have a large following who believe every word of what you say

  • Flame

    Adwwadda stkrrraank GRnMkiao Jdopaos sjjj. Enjwj

  • jadaaa boo1
    jadaaa boo1


  • Keegan Nick
    Keegan Nick

    Coryxkenshin shootout? Epic broskis.

  • Zion Marquez
    Zion Marquez

    Do the forest plz

  • meme man
    meme man

    No it weigh lot and no fast

  • Blake Allen
    Blake Allen

    Captain America dual wielded shields in infinity war

  • Li Alan
    Li Alan

    Captain America?