Game Theory: FNAF Security Breach, I Know the BIG TWIST... I think
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You probably read the title and thought something like, "There goes MatPat, trying to figure out a FNAF game that's not even out yet." Well, you may be RIGHT but you are also WRONG! I'm not "trying" to solve the big TWIST of FNAF Security Breach. All of my days of gathering evidence and researching the Five Nights at Freddy's universe means that I KNOW my stuff. In fact, I know it SO WELL that I can predict - without playing the game - what we will learn that will change the shape of the FNAF story moving forward. What is it? How do I KNOW? Theorists, you'll have to watch to find out.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Pedro Freitas, Tyler Mascola, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • FuhNaff

    LETS GOOOOOO!!!! SO hyped for this 😱🎉 Let’s see what you got MatPat 😉🤔

    • Aiden Stern
      Aiden Stern


    • Ms Bullet81
      Ms Bullet81


    • Roger Dodger
      Roger Dodger

      okay. So I can no longer ignore all the Glitchtrap clues pointing straight to William like a giant glowing arrow in favor of the possibility of it being Michael. That said, I'm still skeptic about Michael really being dead and I still think the description of that burned body in the hospital matches Michael pretty suspiciously.

    • Eric Shashkov
      Eric Shashkov

      Too many emojis

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  • Jonathan Jeffrey
    Jonathan Jeffrey

    The prickly coil practically flood because metal descriptively test pro a simplistic army. sudden, organic archaeology

  • Kenneth Shipman
    Kenneth Shipman

    This is what we enjoy. Matpat looking way to much into a single teaser trailer.

  • Idk lol
    Idk lol

    William is gonna live longer than the queen of England

  • Jordan Loker
    Jordan Loker


  • the moth flying around your lamp
    the moth flying around your lamp

    I feel like we're also going to be introduced to someone new that is a huge part of the lore. The creator of the place couldn't be William Afton because he is Glitchtrap because is unable do much. Since one of the endings in Help Wanted showed that the Pizzaplex was under construction. It couldn't be Henry because he dead and all. And it couldn't be Vanny because she is helping Glitchtrap all the time. So I feel like we're going to be shown more characters that are a huge part of the story other than Vanny and other new animtronics.

  • Gregorio Gutierrez
    Gregorio Gutierrez

    Catching up lol tbh but I remember matt from back in the day love you man

  • Crispykrem3

    i like how you recorded a fnaf video a day after my puppys where born :3

  • Isaias Martinez
    Isaias Martinez

    Get ready for rule 34 vanny to come

  • imma poisonyou
    imma poisonyou


  • L-H Guy
    L-H Guy

    that's the tag line of your channel mate, "i know the BIG TWIST...i think"

  • Nikola Kurjak
    Nikola Kurjak


  • e e
    e e

    But if it was glitchtrap in stage 01 in fnaf 3, why would he give a birthday cake to the crying child in the minigame instead of like, going stabby stabby or something?

  • sena cario
    sena cario

    Alright people, i have a dumb thoery but what if tape girl is Vanessa? Like think about! How can tape girl just vanish out of nowhere unless her mind has been taken away by glitchtrap and who else do we know is under glitch rabbits control? Vanny, aka vanessa. Whenever we meet a character in the fnaf lore we see them again another point, example : WILLIAM EXOTIC BUTTER NITPICK SPRING TRAP HOLLADAY AFTON! And micheal to and the animatronics, so tape girl should come back but as another character, like who? Vanny Sorry if this is long and annoying this is just a theory

  • Official Whale
    Official Whale

    Video starts at 6:00

  • Artimis Time
    Artimis Time


  • Bradley Klein
    Bradley Klein

    👆🏻 f**k 2020-2012

  • Matheus Dayan Rocha Santos
    Matheus Dayan Rocha Santos

    i heard a theory that Willion afton was trying to have imortality in a youtuber called mrleo30 which gets clompleted with the soul fragments part

  • Jabajabs Youmama
    Jabajabs Youmama

    I still hope my theory right about security breach being I will me sad if its not from s'-çœ5 ç

  • a l i c e r u
    a l i c e r u

    So, Vanny in the Princess Quest is blonde? Like... the Guard from Security Breach?

  • carrson riley stewart
    carrson riley stewart

    lets gooooooo not going to miss livestrems

  • BingityBong

    That princess quest game gave me so much nostalgia for old rpg maker horror game

  • Ch0rus Art
    Ch0rus Art

    Skip here 5:45

  • Candy Heart
    Candy Heart

    Heres foe all the people who dont want to look through the bar to find the end of it so here ya go: 5:45

  • Aubrey7 09
    Aubrey7 09

    Is it just me or does Gregory look like crying child?


    glitchtrap is actually a virus on williams afton head if william afton eyes turn purple you know glitchtrap is controlling him which is also his brother vincent

  • Quintin Beal
    Quintin Beal

    Your the best

  • Mr Scream Lad
    Mr Scream Lad

    8:35, you subtle...

  • Noah Paradas
    Noah Paradas

    I think that vanny and glitchtrap is like Harley Quinn and the joker

  • HellsGun

    Your guz cat looks like mine :3

  • Yodi Cage
    Yodi Cage

    The only king is f fnaf is markiplier

  • end heart!
    end heart!

    So i guess the Vanessa and Vanny are really are both and the same in the upcoming Security breach.. The security Gaurd Vannessa is Vanny and will be torn apart from either OBEYING... or to PROTECT the child... Thus dub the reluctant Follower

  • Zikren Ice fox
    Zikren Ice fox

    The only big twist is the merch

  • Aidan Semski
    Aidan Semski

    It took 6 minutes for the content in this video to begin

  • Kimberly Olivarez
    Kimberly Olivarez

    We know security breach is in the 1980's but we also know that's when the missing children's incident happened. But that can't be posable if Afton is already dead. So either security breach takes place in the future or this isn't cannon. Is security breach in the end of the timeline or is this all fake MatPat Or maybe Afton is still alive

  • Robloxian


  • Andy Edwards
    Andy Edwards

    16:03 Uhm yeah haha... totally didn't play and like the game so much that I played fangames and also learned how to change the files and get every character haha....... nope totally didn't do that yep.

  • Cat- Nip
    Cat- Nip

    Actually I think the glitched bunny is not Glitchtrap. It is shadow Bonnie.. Mabye.

  • Melissa Cavallo
    Melissa Cavallo


  • Cookies

    22:20 I heard Gundham and was confused for about 3 minutes Edit: also when he was talking about Vanny being a serial killer and not remembering it my mind immediatly went to Toko and Genocider Syo why am i obsessed

    • YourLocalKokichiKinnie

      I- felt-

  • Ditte Nielsen
    Ditte Nielsen

    Did anyone else notice that the respond "I won't" at 13:28 is in 2 different colors? And that the quotation marks are different from the rest? I don't know if I'm a little late with that ?😅

  • Roy Cole
    Roy Cole

    WAIT A SECOND vanny has a suit like an animatronic now this is the future so this could be false and the spring lock suits have been deemed unsafe could this be another spring trap in the making?

  • Jordan Li
    Jordan Li

    The watery fang thirdly tug because grey canonically perform forenenst a pumped composition. ashamed, kaput james

  • Me And Lokey
    Me And Lokey

    in fnaf 3 the purple rabbit cant be glichtrap because he give cake to the spirit

  • CatInACup

    I know I’m like 3 months late but anyways, I could go on and on about how good of a person matpat is

  • Veronica Shanafelt
    Veronica Shanafelt

    Vanny would be 4.0 purple guy. OG purple guy, Springtrap, Glitchtrap, and now Vanny.

  • KJ's Korner
    KJ's Korner

    Theory: So since molten freddy and scrapbaby are 2 different people in fnaf 6 what if it's a prequel? Like during fnaf 4 they are still in the works and since the fire happened in fnaf 3 that's why scraptrap looks like that.

  • Mell Does Things
    Mell Does Things

    okay so is one of the animatronics helping this main character gregory? It sounded like that yellow freddy was hiding him from vanny 13:32

  • AeonAxis

    If he likes the idea of livestreams for charity he should be an announcer on awesome games done quick or summer games done quick

  • tOchitS

    well i dont think i can do that much research like you do so youve earned a sub! from a filipino!

  • samurai brotha.
    samurai brotha.

    Why does Springtrap kinda look like Trippie Redd?(well to me he does)

  • Ellen Baker
    Ellen Baker

    Could Glitchtrap have been the one controlling Afton this whole time?

    • Albino Alien
      Albino Alien


  • Gorilla Titty
    Gorilla Titty

    Aww I’m fond of the ole fnaf world days

  • Not so Happy asriel
    Not so Happy asriel

    *Little boy redeems mass murder because he’s controlled by a high IQ theorist*

  • bean the queen 123
    bean the queen 123

    5:45 to skip

  • McKenna is a person
    McKenna is a person

    Just gonna slip past the fact that George sounds like it gets younger as the trailer goes on in the Security Break trailer?

  • Zaldy bagus
    Zaldy bagus

    Imagine afton searching on the internet and discover memes

  • ajogar

    couldn’t the company who made the game have gotten the circuit board out of the fire if it survived? i feel like while cleaning up, if they found the board they would’ve just kinda been like “oh hey here’s another board for you guys!”

  • Adrien Ninja Slayer
    Adrien Ninja Slayer

    You said that purple bonnie is glitch trap but it is really shadow bonnie

  • ohno

    At this point, I think Scott is just taking whatever Game Theory gives him, sorts through it, and slaps it on a rusty deathly-smelling silver platter.

  • GCGamer

    William Afton: I always come back. Is William Deadpool 2.0 or what.

  • Shadowmaster

    "We don't know when it will come out" Meanwhile IRbin: Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach 2021

  • The_real_page 874
    The_real_page 874

    isnt markiplier on of the first people to beat fnaf 1234 custom nights all on 20 mode

  • Gabe - Roblox - Minecraft And More
    Gabe - Roblox - Minecraft And More


  • Immy Wood
    Immy Wood

    I have a question (unless you’ve already solved it)! Where is the Fredbear suit and ‘body’ in the mini game when you’re playing as the crying child in the room above the TV?

    • Immy Wood
      Immy Wood

      I forgot to say but where is it BEFORE you’re jumpscared!

  • Gabewaffle


  • Mr. Macaroni
    Mr. Macaroni

    If she wanted an escape just do drugs

  • Eva Laird
    Eva Laird

    You can find her 3 times, she hides up in the left top corner while in what I think is the kitchen

  • Hunt

    Shadow bonnie is glitchtrap William afton is glitchtrap or is it William's brother Vincent

    • Albino Alien
      Albino Alien

      Shadow Bonnie and glitchtrap are different entities and glitchtrap is william ghost William doesnt have a brother

  • Eagle X
    Eagle X

    The more we talk about this game the more I think that its a messed up game

  • SaberSapphire

    Let me guess the new game if you complete the game and don’t die to vanny the story line is that hiding from her gets so extreme that the anamatronics have to turn gregory into one of them soon accidentally killing him(if that happens may pat ya gotta credit me for being right)

  • Arisa Bays
    Arisa Bays

    Mat: Since everyone including Scott wants to forget that one.... Me: Hoooooooooot Cheeeeeeeeeeeese

  • Em Beboso
    Em Beboso

    what if in security breach there was a mechanic where you can hide inside the rockstar freddy suit but if you did for too long then you would either suffocate or get spring locked and lose. so it would be like a hide and seek chase against bendy with a little miracle station animatronic follows you around

  • Jaxon Playz
    Jaxon Playz

    At 5:45

  • Andera Singletary
    Andera Singletary

    The frightened frightening full fumbling functional colon generically muddle because rainstorm preliminarily lick down a big dibble. nutritious, dramatic cloth

  • Toady's Bizarre adventure
    Toady's Bizarre adventure

    Spring Trap should have been wearing a mask he spread that virus and put everyone in danger

  • Zdechły kot Zezol
    Zdechły kot Zezol

    LOL who remembers when fnaf was only 4 games with a little twisted timeline?

    • Zdechły kot Zezol
      Zdechły kot Zezol

      @KeXsHi good ol' times buddy, am i right?

    • KeXsHi

      Me bro me 😭

  • Beanshiro

    I hate the rabbits

  • Pikko

    As soon as I heard “Ness” I immediately thought of Earthbound

  • 1234 Galaxy
    1234 Galaxy

    K I L L H I M, K I L L H I M begining of the vid

  • Tom09

    Remember, the game was supposed to end on fnaf3

  • coldbrew dan
    coldbrew dan

    dam fnaf be looking drefrent

  • Jade Mincey
    Jade Mincey

    22:40 sorry correct you MatPat but Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are actually the same person and Hyde is just the personification of everything Jekyll deems too bad or dangerous. Just wanted to point out that random trivia

  • enby royalty
    enby royalty

    I've never played FNAF or read the books (tho I'm planning on buying the books) yet ik way to much about FNAF

  • William Pollock
    William Pollock

    Almost 6 min maypat. 6 min of adds

    • Erich Rudorffer
      Erich Rudorffer

      Lol get youtube premium

  • Daniel San
    Daniel San

    i need the merch

  • Lord beerme or us
    Lord beerme or us

    What if Vanessa's normal during the day but then glitch trap takes over at night time

  • MarcIsn'tBad

    Yeah also in 19:54 i recommend dont search this thing amhhhhhh just dont i horifict as hek

  • welcome birbs
    welcome birbs

    A animatronic will help us in the game HMMM sounds familiar *stares at circus baby*

  • Juliette Norton
    Juliette Norton

    Can I just say, I wouldn't be surprised if the ending was changed because of this, no matter how drastically

  • Darksay83

    How did i Miss a FNAF theroy !?!?!?!?!?

    • Darksay83

      @Erich Rudorffer oof indeed

    • Erich Rudorffer
      Erich Rudorffer

      @Darksay83 oof

    • Darksay83

      @Erich Rudorffer it slipped through my fingers i normally watch them the day they come out :L im off my game

    • Erich Rudorffer
      Erich Rudorffer

      U didn't it was 3 months ago

  • Poké Kid
    Poké Kid


  • 斑 Mexican Madara 斑
    斑 Mexican Madara 斑

    She’s coming sheesh That’s what she said

  • Jackson Alexander
    Jackson Alexander

    won thing tho. GLITCHtrap is not REAL. he is a game but i have a theory the glamrocks in secuirty breach are helping u to escape vanny / vannese

  • Jackson Alexander
    Jackson Alexander


  • Nate's Page
    Nate's Page

    this is getting so ________ meta

  • Polanco Leta
    Polanco Leta

    The well-off pendulum operationally impress because cup contradictorily handle underneath a fine dash. annoyed, weary kangaroo

  • PugBoi

    Matt ur makin my brain hurt

  • Francisco Freitas
    Francisco Freitas

    13:48 I appreciate the kurzgesagt calendar.

  • _Ducky Bee_
    _Ducky Bee_

    If you listen closely to tape girl’s voice it sounds like there’s an echo behind her.