Game Theory: Among Us, Your 900 IQ Means NOTHING!
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We've talked at length about what sort of high IQ strategy can win you EVERY game of Among Us. What I'd like you to consider today, however, is whether or not YOU need a 900 IQ to win. See, strategy is one thing. Anyone can learn a strategy. What I want to know is if having a real life higher IQ has any benefit. Do you have to be insanely smart or just know the game better than your opponents? It's time to find out!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Tyler Mascola, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Annaconda MC
    Annaconda MC

    I took an IQ test(for fun) and i scored 114-124

  • Mohd Azan
    Mohd Azan

    1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

  • Neon Leo
    Neon Leo

    Wait was this video a jojo referance

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez

    Ok I knew most of this iq knowledge and I'm pretty sure I have 140 iq and makes sense cause I overthink this game and scenarios way to much

  • vert2552

    Yay being from poland, its a suprise someone randomly in us talks about it :P and its funny how you watch 8min to finally hear obvious words you were waiting for yet it still was so entertaining lol i dont have many talents but i must say i have highly developed theory of mind, it halfly shows itself in big empathy towards others (too big sometimes) but i really am good at some games, even cards games like liar, of course its not working always, but i just know right away what people might think, to make 'OG' moves with dropping cards. Same goes for some of the video games

  • Mohammad Saleh
    Mohammad Saleh

    I actually wasn't expecting the plot at the beginning

  • Luke Burchett
    Luke Burchett

    Mat is sus 6:30

  • Charlie Forystek
    Charlie Forystek

    poland is my place

  • datneke hajatjaf
    datneke hajatjaf

    The alleged manicure intradurally wander because crate originally apologise from a striped snowplow. sudden, envious tsunami

  • bob the t-rex
    bob the t-rex

    A film theory?

  • Pulido Cydaine liam Grade3
    Pulido Cydaine liam Grade3

    Well i saw a player that has 1000iq no joke First game: cyan is impostor he just walk at electrical 2times and black found him as the impostor Second game:nlack find out red just from moving and cyan also TELL ME THAT HUH

  • Alejandro Rivera
    Alejandro Rivera

    15:12 A Film Theory?

  • Embrlee Dillow
    Embrlee Dillow

    I took an IQ too easy

  • Sayori's Lasso
    Sayori's Lasso

    I want the jacket but I don’t want a vegan jacket, I want to know others suffered for me to have style

  • The mlemmers
    The mlemmers

    Since I am Not old enough to go on reddit I wanted to ask you about alakazas Ithink It was 3,000 IQ

  • Stephen Sutton
    Stephen Sutton

    I have 145 IQ no joke.

  • Johnlei Zurbito
    Johnlei Zurbito

    First thing first 900 IQ doesnt exist in every human being

  • Fuchsschwinge

    Plastic jackets made in china

  • CowsCanPlayGamesToo

    Welp you could also just add 1 then multiply that by 2

  • Robert Mcneely
    Robert Mcneely

    whats your iq mattpatt

  • CookieCakeEater

    IQ can also be affected by life experiences

  • Luigi

    Among us gave a new meaning to "IQ"

  • Isabella Gallagher
    Isabella Gallagher

    Jsyn IQ above 200 is not possible

  • Levi Gacha Lion
    Levi Gacha Lion


  • CyberLock

    Do a game theory awards for the most complex theory solved

  • AdamDobry9


  • Deathstare01

    Matpat I have something for you a youtuber name vanossgaming he is a truth wizard when he first played the game he could figure out his friends were lieing

  • cupcake monkey
    cupcake monkey

    He put enstine in front the screen and sad big brain but Enstian had a smaller brain than avrige but he was still vary intelligent

  • Princess Lola
    Princess Lola

    Those 45 seconds led to the biggest anime betrayal ever 😂😂😂

  • Billy Beauregard
    Billy Beauregard

    Truth wizards when people use no voice chat: are you sure about that

  • Owo Potato 123
    Owo Potato 123


  • Star Wars Fan
    Star Wars Fan

    I’m a huge toast fan and I have learned a lot from Him and now I’m better at among us

  • Rosemary Straw
    Rosemary Straw

    Hey Matpat! Can you make a theory about "Little Nightmares" and "Little Nightmares 2"? I have my own theory on the game too, but I want to see what do you think about it.

  • Gibberish Gojira
    Gibberish Gojira

    But I ain't matter if your crewmates are as dumb as newborn

  • RedRangerRR

    Highest IQ players, show an image of Ethan, I don't think you know him as well as Unus Annus fans do.

  • TooCuteNoir B.
    TooCuteNoir B.

    So Nux Taku is a Truth Wizard understood. Cause he can call out a liar on first time meeting them 🤣🤣

  • OmegaFX

    9:17 hacks go BRR

  • Tina Dimitrovska
    Tina Dimitrovska

    I got 134 IQ

  • Amir Reza
    Amir Reza

    More then half of the video is about IQ test The rest is irrelevant and shameless plugging

  • Amir Reza
    Amir Reza

    Natural Born Lie detective=Nux Taku

  • Edwin Irizarry Morales
    Edwin Irizarry Morales

    red sus

  • game detective
    game detective

    Im 11 and I have an IQ of 260


    That s right i m dum af but have an little above average iq

  • Paisley Jane
    Paisley Jane

    Maybe alakazam has an iq of 5000 because it’s counting humans and Pokémon within the average percentile

  • Puppygirl

    "Being tall doesn't automaticly make you a good basketball player" Finally someone understands!

  • Is Yourmum
    Is Yourmum

    Matt patt is kinda ignorant

  • Polnareff Jan pierre
    Polnareff Jan pierre

    5:44 i scored 131. Do it count 135? ( i did this test only at 8 years old, now i don't know how mutch i have)

  • Adam Idusso
    Adam Idusso

    Bruh u should play among us

  • AussieGamer2589 — Gaming, Memes and More
    AussieGamer2589 — Gaming, Memes and More

    Huh, so I guess 9 year olds are actually better at FPS games than say, 16 year olds.

  • Jason Solis
    Jason Solis

    The sulky karate fascinatingly gaze because pine really intend apropos a disagreeable squirrel. acidic, clumsy vision

  • Patryk Zeex
    Patryk Zeex

    The capital city is Warsaw I live there

  • Jake Jake
    Jake Jake

    Voice chat? In among us??

  • Joshua Caldwell
    Joshua Caldwell

    Like for German MatPat

  • Jaivin Spamsimations
    Jaivin Spamsimations

    In among us, the best strategy is to be unexpected. Once, I got away with venting in front of yellow by saying "am I really that stupid?". Unfortunately, they were able to call another meeting after and get me yeeted into the lava. But that one meeting might be all you need to win!

  • Clippy

    Okay that intro caught me off guard

  • George Pig
    George Pig


  • BigHuntGaming

    2:58, I got 94 by doing +6, +12, +24, and onwards.

  • ndjs

    I bet there is so many comments trying to sound special saying they're a truth wizard lmao

  • Igors Iljins
    Igors Iljins

    The intro: a plot twist inside a plot twist.

  • Manu Phan
    Manu Phan

    5:20 is that the belgium flag?

  • The weird one 85
    The weird one 85

    I barely study but I still get good grades.... Wow. Im a nerd

  • I'm really bad at this I am
    I'm really bad at this I am

    I got 137 at 11 on my iq test

  • Arctic Alicea
    Arctic Alicea

    I just got an IQ test and got 137 (somehow)

  • Ultra

    Wait Film Therory? I thought this was Game Theory.

  • Brody Astorga
    Brody Astorga

    What is the story about Murray on the Pollis map

  • Brett Brown
    Brett Brown

    I’m watching this as toast has a 11,000 IQ

  • Emily. White.
    Emily. White.

    TGT/The Game Theorists Hi I love these videos

  • Brandonbombplays

    Can we just acknowledge how when you go into a public lobby as an imposter everybody has 201 iq, but if you're a crewmate everybody drops by 200?

  • Rocky goes Moo
    Rocky goes Moo

    Damn, Corpse must have the biggest brain of all then.

  • Jestloo

    Lupin III = 200 IQ

  • Oliver Saliba
    Oliver Saliba

    I stopped playing among us it got boring always winning

  • Wes Hamlin
    Wes Hamlin

    48 hours is pathetic to techno he sold out technoplane in 2 minutes Don’t get me wrong I love this channel just making a funny observation

  • Timstarlord

    7:45 My native flag lol white blue red is the flag of Russian Federation


    6:50 gamesense is also useful at among us, not just shooters

  • None Of Your Business
    None Of Your Business

    “A film theory” Its “game theory” pull it together matthew patrick.

  • Dpslab

    Wait wait hold on now buddy. You read books but I’m pretty sure you don’t eat forks.

  • pieandcheese647

    Imma be honest, that move in the beginning wasn’t that smart. MatPat had red all set up to be framed as an impostor, with green being able to act as a witness. But no, matpat shot red after having green leave. Green knew that matpat and red were alone, so when red is dead in electrical after just “talking” with matpat, matpat’s gonna be a bit sus. As impostor, never kill someone that someone else thinks is the impostor: use them as a scapegoat, frame them for a crime you commit. Killing the scapegoat is a negative IQ play.

  • Magical Blueberry
    Magical Blueberry

    That intro tho- lovin it

  • Diana Pinchukov
    Diana Pinchukov

    Film theory!?

  • Cocoa -melon
    Cocoa -melon

    Those 47 lie detectors must be moms

  • L

    Idea for a future video: Being in the zone raises temporary your IQ?

  • Kaleb Park
    Kaleb Park

    Damm that means my mom has an iq of like 200 she can spot a lie at anytime😭✋✋

  • Seema Joy
    Seema Joy

    why you put yo gi oh in the vid

  • Cactus Person
    Cactus Person

    I'm a vegan but I wat eggs

  • Quantum Moose Gaming
    Quantum Moose Gaming

    When a truth wizard with 200 IQ walks in. I'm already 4 parallel universes ahead of you.

  • Xander Wyatt
    Xander Wyatt

    I'm a month late and those jackets are most likely already sold out, but I'm just gonna say vegan leather is terrible for the environment 🙃


    I wonder. If thats a a hospital then why do ids wear face masks if face masks dont even protect ur health [TRUE]

  • I like games
    I like games

    When I play someone says I'm sus and everyone beilives when I try it they say no proof :(

    • YoutubeTM

      I bet it's because of your spelling lmao

  • Youyo ZakriA
    Youyo ZakriA


  • I like games
    I like games

    Dum dumms : me have 9000000000 iq

  • Grace SI
    Grace SI


  • TheLetterEe

    Make a theory on Baldi's Basics... What year was it when teachers could spank you? You can start from there I guess. I'm just waiting for Baldi's basics.

  • kawyie Wolf girl
    kawyie Wolf girl

    "that that's just a theory, a film theory"he says by talking about IQ on game theory

  • Savannah

    Ye... but when you try and make those cool moves, turns out it was just a random move

  • Chance ree
    Chance ree

    5:53 MatPat turned into little mustache man

  • FeatSea

    matpat makes you feel dumb, like if you agree

  • FeatSea

    good to knowni have 0 iq, can't guess an imposter

    • YoutubeTM

      What's the unnecessary comma for ?

  • Scottie Dunbar
    Scottie Dunbar

    So on the IQ question in the video I paused it to try to solve it but I didn't get the correct answer but got it right. Question: What comes next? 4, 10, 22, 46 Mat pat's answer: *2+2 4, 10, 22, 46 4*2+2= 10*2+2= 22*2+2= 46*2+2= 94*2+2= 190*2+2= 382 My answer: +6*X X= 1 double this each time 4, 10, 22, 46 4+6*1= 10+6*2= 22+6*4= 46+6*8= 94+6*16= 190+6*32= 382 So am I smart for getting the answer right, or dumb for using the wrong equation? What I mean is how would I score on an IQ test if I put this as the answer? Would I get the point for getting the right number, or would I not get the point for not finding the right equation?

  • Arnold Castanon
    Arnold Castanon

    Whats the blue one

  • Jonah Hillier
    Jonah Hillier

    Toast: I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that