Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!
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Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Slogo Fan
    Slogo Fan

    Well this is probably my favourite theory

    • RoboPuffin

      Here before 500 by the way

    • Sixtens Sommarfåtölj
      Sixtens Sommarfåtölj


    • Scarlett Pugliano
      Scarlett Pugliano

      Wait why where you pinned?

    • Maxi Santander
      Maxi Santander

      Dc Con Zr

    • E͞u͞p͞r͞e͞l͞i͞l͞i͞a͞

      Same now im paranoid about crewmates

  • frost hydronite
    frost hydronite

    Wrong crewmates are actually aliens

  • The True Johnny
    The True Johnny



    I love how he used walluigi XD

  • Sanghamitra Volam
    Sanghamitra Volam

    Henry Stickman

  • racnas

    i once did the real 9000 iq move; i was playing with my friends and including me only 7 people were left. imposters decide to do a double kill when nobody is near. i and 2 of my friends were ext to me, and imposters decide to report the double kil. so i think: 2is here who can’t kill or report because i passed from here and it was a double kill so it can’t be me and my 2 friends can’t bethe imposters so THEY should have did it!

  • timda dwagan
    timda dwagan

    I can confirm the theory is false

  • Umair Mohammad
    Umair Mohammad

    bruh stop milking this

  • Tomas fatinson
    Tomas fatinson

    The tricky jeep understandably suppose because taste postmeiotically buzz toward a instinctive downtown. obsolete, boring tyvek

  • Techstriker1

    Imposter vs Henry Stickmin... Oh that would be a story.

  • OmegaUltrazee

    The Imposter broke out of Polus you can see this in the lab

  • Cheesy Toenails
    Cheesy Toenails

    When the imposter is sus 🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😅😅😅😂😂🤪🤪🤪😂🤪😅haha so funny🤣🤣😅😃😊😇🤣😅🤣😇🤣🤣😂😂😂😊😆😇so sussy😊🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅plz laugh

  • Shine Snake
    Shine Snake

    I’m the average height for a woman and I’m still a child ( ; ; )

  • the emrold king dovenbarger
    the emrold king dovenbarger

    You are really smart with these theories like seriously probably because you read information from The Game Dev why would you send them to the Deep cold depths of space instead of using impaling tongue probably not till exhaust but still it doesn't make any sense since we know that it's an alien that actually makes sense the reason why they have guns like seriously last time I checked a spaceship do they have guns you know why because if someone shot a gun in atmosphere space like on the moon it would just not be great and also that would be the reason why he has a spike tongue and why the Imposter can go through vents but the crew mates can't it makes sense and everything else this is a pretty solid Theory

  • the emrold king dovenbarger
    the emrold king dovenbarger

    I like how map hat was the Imposter and we didn't see it until the end

  • Liam jedi
    Liam jedi

    blue: sneaks up behind matpat looking like they'll kill him matpat: *uno reverse card*

  • Frank Woods
    Frank Woods

    Also, my research that I have collected has so far confirmed that on imposter Is an alien, and the other(s) are not, correct me if I am wrong

  • Alejandro Canto
    Alejandro Canto

    But if u vote out all of the impostors u win

  • Catcoster 123
    Catcoster 123

    Congrats matpat, you were actually right about this one

  • David Tomlinson
    David Tomlinson

    Mat pat:friends will die family will die you will die Me:life in a nutshell


    I agree with the person under this comment and on top ☝️👇

  • bao nghi ta
    bao nghi ta

    It’s more likely that the parasite came from polus

  • EleanorDacat Girl
    EleanorDacat Girl

    Maybe the humans evolved to have 1 bone and became short

  • Alec Hayden
    Alec Hayden

    Can you do a theory of Henry stickmin

  • Ashley Schmelzer
    Ashley Schmelzer

    I usually win all the time.

  • EQ Flick
    EQ Flick


  • Katze1735

    heh blue VENTED

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    If 41kg is atypical for a human I guess I’m atypical in more was than I thought.

  • xXharleyXx

    Henry stockman theory please 😁

  • millie Manley
    millie Manley

    so just like Covid 19 where everybody is forever amoung us

  • The Mouth Of Sauron
    The Mouth Of Sauron

    Matpat: There's no way to win Among us Me: but what if you're impostor? Matpat: uhh... But hey that just a theory a game theory!

  • Chaotic Omnisexual
    Chaotic Omnisexual

    My theory that the imposters are actually the good guys because they are the only ones that can ACTUALLY go through the vents and if the crewmates were actual crewmates then wouldn't they be able to know their way round in the vents and be able to use them? And why in the beginning of the game do you end up on the ship and everything needs to be fixed? And absolutely no one is there when you start besides you, so how can anything be broken? The theory is that the ship that your arriving on is an original ship that got hijacked and the original crewmates got killed and ejected.

  • Polaris


  • Leigh Crosby
    Leigh Crosby

    Mat: you will die, your friends will die, everyone will die. Me:😰

  • tsum tsum jahir 2
    tsum tsum jahir 2

    How you say Polus is not Polus its Powlus

  • Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo
    Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo

    When you overthink it:

  • Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo
    Martha Josefina Dominguez Liranzo

    This guy should work for nasa

  • Gaming Alpha
    Gaming Alpha


  • lil the NWR derpy Jinty boi :3
    lil the NWR derpy Jinty boi :3

    I have a theory on how they could have won If they went to polis because the imposters are from there (It’s evident bcuz if the broken glass as if something broke out) They need to throw the imposters in the lava Then they would have won Then they could have gone home safely.....

  • Cora at Home
    Cora at Home

    that ending though

  • Silvestre Cartagena
    Silvestre Cartagena


  • agnostos

    That kill at the end just sounded a bit too slimey.

  • Christopher Chen
    Christopher Chen


  • Aiden Buchler
    Aiden Buchler

    11:42 Should've thrown You're Winner if you took the effort to put the end screen of NES Ghostbusters.

  • Walther Ianna
    Walther Ianna

    You are great theorists (as well as my favorites), but honestly I don't agree with this theory very much ... Starting with the fact that I would say that it is quite an exaggeration to assume that Among Us is in such an advanced future (during the video the year 3000 is mentioned), because in the end the in-game technology is no more advanced than today ... Ok, yes, we are in the future, we are in space, there are spaceships and other civilized planets, but in the game we also see very normal PCs, very normal radios and we see very current brands of drinks and food (with the name slightly changed) that in 3000 would be historical relics. In this regard, I also believe that crewmates are not human, and evolution has nothing to do with it ... I'm certainly not a scientist, I'm just a young nerd sitting behind a screen who creates theories, follows your channel and denies the theories when you need to, but evolution as far as I know is a process that would take several million years to complete and become evident. Obviously this is not my only '' test '' ... Those who follow Innersloth on twitter will already know that they have confirmed that the anatomy of the crewmates is really composed of a single bone and that they drink by osmosis. Non-human characteristics, I'd say ... MatPat, you haven't even considered the paranoid impostor theory for a second ... I think it would work, with the necessary modifications (controlled by an alien parasite?). That said, I'm not your hater and I hope you can continue to create theories about this game in the future (: I agree with your theory that there is no real victory. PS: Sorry for my bad english... I'm not english lol.

  • Riley Strickland
    Riley Strickland

    EMERGENCY MEETING!!! There's an Impostor among us...

  • Cairns Family
    Cairns Family

    I know this is a old theory but where does the airship fit into this?

  • M.S. playz
    M.S. playz

    Huh, well well well.... That pixilated green in different shades seems sus, I think I have seen it, in a block game....

  • amiin dalmar
    amiin dalmar

    madpat why do the among us charters have one bone if there are humans

  • Downer333

    Huh... Well that sucks

  • Dennis Fletcher
    Dennis Fletcher

    Mat pat kinda sus

  • TheMutantGamer87

    I want a couple games of Games of Among Us

  • Joe DeLuca
    Joe DeLuca


  • Kleenex Steve
    Kleenex Steve


  • Connor Andrews
    Connor Andrews

    When I was watching the thing, I was thinking that it was similar to among us

  • Gacha Kat
    Gacha Kat

    a line

  • Gacha Kat
    Gacha Kat

    to got y ad pops up

  • Pico is not dumb
    Pico is not dumb

    Fnaf pls

  • black panther
    black panther

    ofc their humans they are just kids

  • b b
    b b

    Impostors are just colorful jelly beans

  • Noahthehotdog 10
    Noahthehotdog 10

    Ngl that intro had drip

  • pop cat
    pop cat

    my theory is: aliens are brain slugs inside a suit and kill the crewmates

  • ayla Hendrix
    ayla Hendrix

    Me: calls meting Red: self report Other crewmates: 😂

  • ayla Hendrix
    ayla Hendrix

    What about hello nighbor 😂

    • ayla Hendrix
      ayla Hendrix

      Me as impostor: *gets egected* Me as crewmate: * impostor kills me* Me as ghost: *does task* Me as impostor ghost: *sabotoges reactor*

  • Jax McDerment
    Jax McDerment

    I'm turning 14 and I seen the the movie the thing

  • Epic Dud
    Epic Dud

    He calls out the weight in a space station

  • Mr. Sandman
    Mr. Sandman

    Well we can basically count this as an Among Us movie

  • Natalie Hamilton
    Natalie Hamilton

    i love your videyos

  • Kristen Aden
    Kristen Aden

    Basically sense imposters in Among Us are parasitic shapeshifters means the crewmates can't fit in the vent or sabotage doors lights reactors and Communications and oxygen but in the start how could blue fit in the vent when he was a crewmate we all know blue dies inside the start of the video but crewmates can't fit in vents

  • A Fluffy Little Llama
    A Fluffy Little Llama

    wait hold if their speading the virus thingy why aren't they infected

  • Kenna Early
    Kenna Early

    Wait, 5'2 is the average height for women? ... I knew 5'8 was tall but MAN that's taller than I thought

  • the pete kid yt
    the pete kid yt

    can you make a music theory

  • Fearing

    This is my favorite theory and the darkest one to

  • Audrey Cook
    Audrey Cook

    MatPat: Among us is taking place in the future!! Me: or there kids

  • Jerry School
    Jerry School

    that ending tho

  • Exotic_Ali_ Is_In_Your_Room
    Exotic_Ali_ Is_In_Your_Room

    Ima tell my bsf about this theory so she wont be addicted to among us xD

  • Just Another Crazy Person
    Just Another Crazy Person

    7:33 - 7:40 Me with my mini crewmate after I kill someone

  • Cathal Hogan
    Cathal Hogan

    As dangerous as the Earth being infected with the imposter virus sounds some shapeshifters with long and sharp tongues sound can they really compare to a main battle tank?

  • jeremiah nick inocentes
    jeremiah nick inocentes


  • amtutorialss

    the height moment is just me realizing how tall am I

  • Selma Loose
    Selma Loose

    I got that kill on my friend and i hate that kill :/

  • Stritt Four
    Stritt Four

    Matpat: you lose always Me: what if ur the impostor then you would always win how do you explain that huh?

  • Vlad Iordan
    Vlad Iordan

    9:43 I disagree because polus nap in lab or somewhere next to lab u see a brocken bottle that the alien on board shape-shifting and on polus or mirahq u see a snow dead body and the shape-shifting think he is gonna kill the crewmates for capturing it

  • Dwight S.
    Dwight S.

    What if among us is a part 2 to the thing

  • Literally a Plant
    Literally a Plant

    "ruining your childhood since 2011"

  • Joe the Wolf
    Joe the Wolf

    4:14 me, who weighs 43kg: ... :)

  • Krishna Gurung
    Krishna Gurung

    I think polis is the end because alien parasites can surely survive in space and falling is also not a permanent death for an alien but being burnt to death is a permanent solution cuz like in the movie the are killed by being burnt so not even one molecule can survive

  • Alison Cooke
    Alison Cooke

    Do a 4th video of among us

  • ShyROCKMAN 345
    ShyROCKMAN 345

    I’ve seen that movie and I did not like it because of the dog. I love dogs and that scared me that I flipped it immediately

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson

    Did a crewmate just go in a vent?!

  • Trang Nguyen
    Trang Nguyen

    Is it just me or does it look like the snowman are actually frozen cuz how did they got that bone when the body is gone?🤔

  • Rocky Chen
    Rocky Chen

    This is not true

  • Gold Flake
    Gold Flake

    But I always win??? CLICK BAIT

  • StarfruitGamer123


  • Jonathan Dyck
    Jonathan Dyck

    Does anyone feel like the arctic represent polus?

  • Eubanks Thierry
    Eubanks Thierry

    but what about the children? you can customize your amount us character and give them pets one of them is a mini crewmate, the imposter always spares the mini crewmate and imposters are allowed to have their own mini crewmates so why arent the minis getting voted off? why aren't the mini crewmates ever killed? and why arent they allowed to talk?

  • Ally Griffin
    Ally Griffin

    Think about it The imposters don’t need oxygen bc they can sabotage O2 but then when the crew mates die the imposter lives on and wins the game...

  • Nate Schram
    Nate Schram

    Just wait until airship 😂

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace


  • E88e LOLXD
    E88e LOLXD

    Pls make a henry Stickman theory :)